Exhibition in London

Exhibition & Conference

Wed 22 May 2024

Institute of Directors

116 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5ED

Haruka Mitta have created art works for Kazuyuki Ishihara’ s garden in the Chelsea Flower Show 2024 after last year.

She has also published a picture book on May 17th which was donated to the British Loyal Family.

Holding an exhibition of these works and a conference discussing her creative environment and behind-the-scenes stories related to those works at IOD.

① 16:30〜18:00 Press conference 

② 18:00〜19:30 After party

You can come to see the exhibition anytime during the event for free.

(※Fee to attend the Japanese conference and after party is £130.)



Tue 21 May & Wed 22 May

Royal Hospital Chelsea 

In Kazuyuki Ishihara’s garden in the Chelsea Flower Show 2024


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